Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catching Up!

Wow, a lot has happened in the past two months! Taylor Shane arrived as planned on May 14th via c-section. My gosh is that ever the way to have a baby! I can actually remember the birth this time, and I heard him cry, and was walking that evening. Adams birth is a total blur, but I remember everything about Taylors. Ray stayed with me in hospital (and only went a little crazy!) We had Rays sister Pam up to watch Adam for us while I was in hospital and to help out once I got home. We would have been lost without her. Boy was I ever spoilt! Adam loved having her around, and it was great not to have to worry about anything for the three weeks that she was here for. Janette (Pams twin) was also around for Taylors birth, and Zina (aka Grandma) came up when Taylor was a few weeks old. It was really nice having people coming to visit, no-one really came around when Adam was born.
And now Taylor is two months old, and has just started smiling. Adam is in love with him and loves to pat him and even has a song that he sings to him when he crys "Lay down, Lay down (repeated a few times) close your eyes, go to sleep" It never really sends Taylor to sleep, but I love listening to it! Adam is such a great help during the day, making sure Taylor has his dummy in, and takes 'care' of Taylor when I am in the shower (Taylor is normally screaming by the time I get out, and Adam is just sitting there watching cartoons! But hey, he is only three!)
I am still getting used to having two, sometimes it can get a little crazy. And a lot of the time I feel like pulling my hair out because I need a few more arms to be able to make both of the boys happy. But we are getting there! We are still waiting for Taylor to sleep through the night, and once that happens I think I will be more cheerful!
Adam is growing up so fast. He has moved from his Spiderman obsession to Transformers, and wants to be a transformer for Halloween (I am working on that!). He has adjusted really well to Taylor being around, and loves to help out (most of the time) but I think he really misses the one on one time that we don't get too much of anymore, but that will get better as Taylor gets older. Adam is loving playing outside, and has been helping Ray dig out a extra parking space, and doing 'hard work' in his 'hard work bibs'. He loves weekends when Ray is home, and spends most of the weekdays asking when Ray is coming home :)
Ray has been busy with work and his band, thankfully he is started to slow down now so he can be home more (we were really missing him!) He played at a music festival last weekend, and of course was a hit! He took out his 'portable' hot tub that he made which really didn't get hot, but Adam enjoyed it!! And has since acquired another hot tub which brings our total to three! And also a ping pong table...which we have no where to put, but hey, it was free and how can you can no to a ping pong table and a hot tub? A Blackmore can't!!

Ray had his 28th birthday in May. Pam made him a yummy dinner and a cheesecake, we had Jesse and Sarah and the kids over. Ray got a deep fryer which we have only used about twice (we are attempting to lose weight! Those deep fried mars bars were too good!) and 'The Office' board game, which we have played a couple to times, but still have to some other people over to play it with (I keep winning!)
We haven't really made much progress on our fence or deck (of course!) but hopefully we will get a fence by the end of summer...the deck I think will have to wait until next year!
We are now getting ready for our Family Reunion at the beginning of August that Sarah is planning. Adam is excited about seeing Aunty Pam and Grandma again and going crazy with all the cousins! I am excited that we get Ray for an entire week! But first we have to get everything organized and try to fit everything that we need into our van! :)


lilaussiemum said...

Great blog Emily! Welcome to our world. Your right it is hard keeping up with it, but I prefer to do this over journaling in a regular way!

Dick Family said...

Awesome! I love that you've joined the blogging world! WOW is Taylor all grown up or what! WOW! Great update! (we'll have to all get together for an Office night and Daniel keeps talking about those deep fried chocolate bars...I think it would be fun)