Friday, January 8, 2010

Lazy me!!

Ok...heaps of catching up to do!! We have had a few firsts since the summer ended!
Taylor is crawling
around everywhere! His favorite place to sneak into is the bathroom...of course! You really don't notice how dirty your floor is until there is someone crawling on it! He started a few weeks before Christmas, of course we already had the tree up, so we were always attempting to protect the Christmas balls! He is already trying to
cruise, he can pull himself up on pretty much anything, and gets a huge smile on his face...then of course gets so excited that he falls down! Thankfully he has a tough head like me!
Adam has become such a big boy! Every day he comes up to me, so he can show me how much closer he is to being as tall as me (and he is almost there!) He is such a great helper with his little brother...taking the nappies to the garbage, finding little things on the floor that Taylor can't eat! He loves helping Ray do
'hard-work', and has had lots of chances to do that lately. He spends one day a week at a day home, and never wants to come home after :) Every day he does something that blows me away.
At the end of August Ray and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We spent a night away at the
same hotel where we spent our wedding night...even got the bridal suite
again! It was nice to get away for a bit...maybe more than one night next time??!!
We had a fun Halloween, even though Ray returned late to take Adam trick-a-treating (!). Adam was a Dementor (He loves the Harry Potter movies!) and for Taylor-bug we brought out
Adams old Octopus costume, Adam loved scaring everyone, and Taylor pretty much just slept, while we all ate ourselves silly with chocolate!
We had Thanksgiving at our house this year. I cooked my first Turkey ever...and it turned out perfect! I was scared that it would be like National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and it would burst open! But it was yummy, we had Sarah, Jesse and the kids over, and Bon-Bon (a friend, and she runs the day home that the boys go to). We were all stuffed by the end of it, and the kids had fun ripping
apart the house!
We decided to keep Christmas quiet, and just have it at home. We has a night of nibbles at Sarah's' a few nights before...where of course I ate too much (She was forcing everyone to eat more!!) The kids got to open some presents, and had a ball downstairs together. It is nice that they are all at the age now where we know they wont kill each other when they are left alone!
This was the first year that Adam was really excited about Christmas, we tracked Santa as he made his way across the world, and he was in awe when he woke up with a present in his room (but a little scared to open it!...He got in trouble a few weeks before for opening presents that were under the tree!) Taylor really didn't care about anything other than the wrapping paper...but was trying to see what Lego blocks taste like...and he is still trying!
Ray was able to take time off work for the first time for Christmas since he started drywalling. It was great having him home, and his holiday was extended slightly, so we have been able to get some work on the house done. Our en suite
is now usable...not totally finished...but usable! We also got our entryway remodel completed yesterday! We have new stairs, and yes, it is just plywood showing now...but in time we will get tile on it!
So we have been busy working on the house, running after two kids, while trying to paint murals (I am painting one for my niece, and one for her is really hard to do it with two kids...especially when one is a banshee!!), drywall, band practicing, playing shows in bars...and still trying to be able to see each other in between!!

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Dick Family said...

Cute blog header! I don't think I'd heard all those stories! You've been busy! Post some bathroom pictures too! Loved the post - keep up the good work ;)