Thursday, February 18, 2010

While the cats away....

The mice get mopey! Ray is away working this week. So the boys and I have been trying to occupy ourselves! The first night we bought junk food to make ourselves feel better, and that didn't work. and then last night Adam was too tired to attempt anything with me, and I am guessing that he will be in the same state tonight.
Adam started playschool last week. My little boy is all grown up. He loves going. I have to wake him up each morning to get ready, and we are normally running a little behind because I am not a morning person! But I have never seen him get out of bed so fast! No dawdling, no whining. He eats up his cereal, and gets dressed, puts on his coat and boots and is waiting by the door before me! He goes twice a week, and he wishes it was more!
Taylor likes the fact that Adam goes too...he gets to play with all the toys! Now that we have Taylors sleeping and eating issues under control he is such a happy boy (and we are happier too!). He loves playing with Adam and tries to do everything that he does (which normally ends up with a bruise or two!). And Adam adores him. He is always trying to hug him, and share his toys. I can tell they are going to be trouble when they get older!
And as for Ray and I, nothing much has changed! Ray is working late in Lethbridge, and I am talking to myself at home. It is amazing how lost you can feel when your 'other half' is away.
Well the boys are currently trashing the office (just when I thought it couldn't get any messier!) looks like I wont be sitting on the couch during naptime!!

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Dick Family said...

it never is fun when your other half is gone! Sounds like Adam is enjoying school, he's so grown up!!!