Monday, February 22, 2010

Things I love

1. Laundry. Yes, laundry. I love how it is always there to do. It is always sitting there, whispering my name. Free time? Do some laundry! I also really enjoy how it seems to have doubled since Taylor was born. I find comfort in knowing that no matter will always be there.

2. Renovating. I love it. Why else would I be going through it all again. And there is one thing that is better than just plain old renovating. Living in the house while you are renovating...add to that a crawling baby and you have bliss! The dirt, dust, paint, tools, screws lying on the floor, all adds to the magic. There is just something about being able to see the 'bones' of the house you are residing in, especially when you are lying in bed. Throw in a few safety hazards and I am one happy woman.

3. Drywall. Not only does drywalling pay our bills (most of the time!) but it adds a little 'something-something' to our daily life. We have begun to use drywall buckets as household decorations. I currently have two sitting in the entryway-complete with tools. I love going into the bathroom and seeing the paint sprayer in the tub soaking. It is a wonderful way to start the day. And my favorite. When Ray puts the drywall tools in the van, like last night when we drove home with a bucket full of putrid smelling water/tools. Heavenly.

4. Having a sense of humor. Without it...I think it is pretty safe to say that I would be locked up, and in a home with padded cells :)


Peep said...

Hahaha Emily i like this one, its not sarcastic at all! =P

Dick Family said...

ha ha! Oh Emily I FEEL your pain...well, you saw...I SOOOO feel your pain! But as you pointed out humour...and sarcastic remarks is how I live out my days too :) I totally enjoyed your post!!!