Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am not a morning person. I love my bed, I love the luxury of being able to lay in there in the morning and just relax. Now with two boys that doesn't happen very often! But thankfully Ray knows how much I love my mornings and he gets up with the boys when he gets ready for work, and gets some time in with them. But Ray has been away working these past three weeks.
So along with missing my snuggles and having someone to keep me warm at night, I thought I was going to miss out on that extra 15 minutes in bed each morning.
So I was shocked when, in the first week Ray was gone, Adam had to be woken up to make it to playschool on time, and Taylor was just perfectly happy and quiet (that NEVER happens!) in his bed. I got my time in bed!
That made my days start off a lot nicer, and we all know that when Mum is happy...everyone is happy!
Well the second week didn't start off the same way. Adam would wake up and go upstairs and put on a movie. Then Taylor would wake up crying, which in turn woke me up.
Now this part might seem really mean, but Taylor cries for everything...EVERYTHING! And the moment he is picked up he stops. So in the past nine months, I have become somewhat desensitized. I can easily block it out. I know that he is fine, he isn't hungry (he is not a breakfast boy...weird!) and he is safe in bed.
So I lay there in bed, in that awake, but not awake mode. Taylor screaming down the hall. Then along comes Adam, crawling in to bed saying "The sun is up Mum! It is morning time!" I normally respond with a grunt! Then off he goes into his brothers room, turns on the light and says "Good Morning Taylor-Bug" Taylor responds better than I do, with a giggle! Then they play. Adam puts toys into the crib (he used to climb in there, but since we have been putting the side fully up, he can't) and they play together. All the while I am lying there listening to my two boys giggling together.
I love waking up to that...actually sometimes I even fall back asleep :) Then once the giggling dies down, and they both get bored, I get myself up, and we begin our day.
I am so lucky to have two boys that love playing together. I am so lucky that they seem to understand that Mum needs to get out of bed in her own time. And I am so lucky that my husband understands my love for the bed!


Dick Family said...

Wow, look at you, you're on a bloggin' roll! Cute post! I can soooo relate! I am not a morning person and when my children decide to play dress up at 6:00 a.m. I'm NOT a fan! Don't kids know they should get up quietly, get themselves breakfast, turn on the TV and be perfectly content until their mother is alive at anywhere from 8:00-9:00???? ha ha!

Ray, Emily, Adam and Taylor Blackmore said...

I know! Since Ray has been gone, and I have no-one to tell my mindless ramblings too, I have been going crazy!!
In a perfect world they would do that...we can always dream!!