Monday, March 8, 2010

What makes a man...

I remember when I was little and not being able to wait until I was 'grown up'. I was one of those girls that walked around the house in my Mums shoes, and of course when helping with the laundry tried on my fair share of bras stuffed with socks.
My kids seem to be following the same path. Adam loves to shave with Ray using his melted plastic fork/razor (Ray made it for him!) talking about how long his wiskers are getting. The other day while enjoying a drive out to see a job that Ray was quoting, the boys and I were waiting in the car. Suddenly Adam told me that he had to go pee. Now he just being a three year old, I wasn't sure how imminent this need was, and I didn't want to find out. We were parked in someone front yard, whom I had never met. Ray was inside somewhere. There were men working outside, so I couldn't let him pee on someones front yard, and I wasn't about to walk into someone else's house! So some quick thinking was required.
I looked around the van...I spotted numerous empty drink bottles, and I remembered Ray telling me some stories. I wont go into detail...but I think you can use your imaginations!
So not being able to think of anything else. I told Adam to pull down his pants, and that he was going to pee into the bottle. Excitement spread across his face! The deed was done, and I was so impressed that there was no mess at all!! Thankfully I used a bottle that had a lid! When Ray was done, and got back in the van I told him what had happened. He suddenly beamed with pride. And told Adam how big he was now that he had peed in a bottle.
Yes, my 3 year old has taken the first steps to manhood...peeing in a bottle :)

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Anonymous said...

ha ha - WAY TOO FUNNY! What is with boys and peeing in/on/around things? Jason peed in a McDonalds cup one time while we were driving and still to this day talks about how "cool" it was!