Friday, April 9, 2010

Catching Up

I know it has been a while. Now that Ray is around again it seems that my mind doesn't over-think so much...which isn't a bad thing!
We had a quiet Easter, had a 'party' in bed with the boys. Which of course resulted in our bed being covered in chocolate and drool (mmmm!). Then we went over to Jesse and Sarahs place for an Easter brunch and our egg hunt. We stuffed ourselves silly, and then the kids worked it all off outside for the rest of the morning. It was nice to just have a lazy day of it, and just enjoying being together.
Adam was back at playschool this week after spring break. He got to go on a Lion Hunt. Thankfully he told me they didn't find any Lions in town, but ended up playing at the park. He loves going, and thinking of himself as a big boy that goes to school. I don't even get a 'goodbye' when I drop him off! He doesn't attend a local dayhome anymore (he was going once a week), so I have lost my 'Adam free' I will have to attempt the grocery shopping with both kids (something that my sanity has not allowed me to do in a while!)
Taylor is becoming quite the big boy. He took his first three steps on Tuesday night! He has tried it a few more times since, but I get so excited when he walks, that it gets him all excited, and he falls down giggling and has trouble standing up again! He is quite the character. His personality is really beginning to show through now (or maybe I am just beginning to pay more attention!). He is very curious, has to check out everything around him and is always busy with something. He wants to much to be like his brother. He watches everything that Adam does, and you can see the envy in his eyes. He has taken to eating Rays breakfast with him in the mornings...just like big boys do! It is quite the sight to see them sharing a bowl of mini-wheats.
Rays work has picked up a lot again...I think he got about six phone calls the other night about jobs! But thankfully he still makes it home at night (well most of them anyways!). He has even written a new song, about teenagers who think that they are cool. The idea actually came about on a date night that we had while walking around West Edmonton Mall. I like knowing that I can still assist in his inspiration! Although I am still waiting for a romantic love song (that isn't about large women!). I think I will be waiting for a while yet!
And me? I am just the same. I haven't been able to work on my two half-completed murals for months! With Ray working, and band practice, and now my babysitters going and getting themselves jobs out of the home, I have been slightly limited! I will get them done!! In time for the kids to grow out of them and want something else! I have been contemplating doing the murals on canvas and then framing them so that they can be taken when people move. that way I can work on them at home...although this will involve working on canvas the size of the wall, and at the moment, I have no where in my house to do that! I guess I will keep thinking!
Well the little Banshee is screaming at me for something (it is a very effective way to get someones attention!) so in order to save my hearing I will leave it there :)


Dick Family said...

Sounds like the boys are keeping you busy!

The canvas is a good idea for sure, but yeah, where do you put it...and work on it! It's worth thinking about though!

Maureen said...

Love to hear what you are up too and perhaps I might be able to help with some baby sitting - stay tuned:)