Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adam the Philosopher

We had some errands to run yesterday in Edmonton, so after Taylors morning nap, we got into the van and started the 1:15 minute trek to the city. Adam was chatting away to Taylor, when he asked me if we were going to see Spiderman. *You know, the 'running guy' on the treadmill on HWY 2? A few months ago he was dressed as Spiderman...this became the highlight for Adam of our long drives! Sadly they changed him to a hockey player for the Olympics...but he is still referred to as Spiderman!* I said "Yep, we will be going past him"
Adam then informed me that he wanted to go underground where Spiderman lived. I answered that Spiderman doesn't live underground (I like to think that I have some knowledge concerning boys cartoon characters!). He told me that before Ray and I were born, he (Adam) was Spiderman and that he lived underground, and then when he was born he became Adam.
I was quite impressed! So I asked him what was going happen when he died? Would he go back to being Spiderman?
This seemed to be something that he hadn't thought about yet. He was quiet for about 2 minutes (And for a 4 year old, that is an awful long time!) then he said..."I will come back alive again" I asked if he was going to come back as Adam or Spiderman? Another long pause...."No, I will be alive Adam"
So there you have it. I am not sure what you would call his isn't quite reincarnation...but hey! I had no idea that a four year old would even think about that stuff!!! So now I know...we were superheros...all of us...once upon a time :)

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Anonymous said...

ha ha - well, I guess there we have it! Too funny! If that's what kind of stuff he thinks about when he's thinking about Spiderman, imagine what else is in that head of his!