Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Four years ago today...

You made your way into the world. It was the day that our lives changed forever. It was the day that we began to exist outside of ourselves.

Adam is quite the character! He loves to pretend play, and I often catch him talking to himself in different voices. He loves to sing, and writes his own songs already. He is a dancer. He attempts to breakdance, but it never really works out right :) He loves to give cuddles and kisses. They are his favorite (mine too!) Whenever he catches me being sad he come up and gives me a cuddle and asks me if I am happy now. He loves Taylor. He tries to play with him, and gets so excited when Taylor does something new. He even has taken over bathing Taylor! He is very polite (most of the time!) and mostly well behaved. Although he does have quite the temper when he gets going (doors slamed, throwing himself on the ground etc). He LOVES shopping, and always asks if we can 'go to one more shop'. He has a collection of quarters for the gum machine...although someone always seems to forget to get some out when we go out...hmmm I wonder who that could be!
His favorite part of the day is when daddy comes home! He loves the 'fighting' game, where he and Ray wearing boxing gloves and hit each other. It normally ends with Adam crying because Ray got carried away...but Adam gets some fine hits in there too (normally around the ears while being on Rays back!)
And while I often refer to him as dork, dag, weiner, goofball, crazy, loopy, sillybilly. He is my boy. And there is always a point during the day where I find myself watching him in amazement. Yes, this time may not come until he is fast asleep, but it still comes. And in that moment nothing else matters

Every year at this time (ie Adams birthday) I find myself reflecting. As soon as I woke up this morning (and for once the kids were still sleeping!) I said to Ray "this time four years go, we were at the hospital!" Then we have a chuckle of how fast Ray leaped out of the bed when I calmly informed him that I needed a towel!
For me, Adams birthday is a mixture of sadness and joy. I can recall most things leading up to the birth. But I don't have 'those' memories. The memories of first holding him, when I first heard him cry, even checking to see if he had all of his fingers and toes. My memory is hazy from about 5 minutes before he was born, to almost 10 months later. And when his birthday comes around, I am reminded of the big chunk that I have missing. I know I was there, but at the same time I wasn't there. So I am a mixture of emotions today...however Adam only has one...GLEE!!

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Dick Family said...

He is a blessing to have in your life!!! What a sweet boy and what fun you still have waiting...oh the things boys do! haha!