Friday, May 14, 2010

This time last year...

I was totally freaking out! I am pretty sure that at 10am I was being butchered by the nurse who did not remember how to put an IV in (I ended up with a black hand). I think Ray almost hit her...and then a couple of hours later (I think it was 2:41pm) I saw Taylor (I think I heard him first!). I cried, Ray cried. I don't remember when I first saw I made a point of being able to see Taylor. I was awake, and blissfully not feeling anything. I heard him scream as the nurses weighed him. I finally had my moment.
But is my Bug-a-Lugs first birthday!!
Time has flown...and yet dragged by at the same time. And while he is a different little boy, and a little on the demanding side, we really can't imagine life without him.
He has a smile that can light up a room. Eyes that make you melt. A banshee scream that can make you crazy. A waddle when he walks. A snuggle when he is tired, and a high five or a smile if you are lucky!
He is a sweet little boy, who is too anxious too grow up. He wants to do everything that Adam does, you can see the envy in his eyes. He has to eat what we are eating...and RIGHT NOW!
He has the ability to go from the sweetest little boy, tilting his head to look at you with a big grin on his frog mouth, to a high pitched squealing child who you would think is possessed.
He is a picky eater...but when he likes something, he really likes it! He will sit in his high chair with a whole slice of pizza, and go to town on it! He loves steak...even though he only has two teeth. Goldfish crackers are a favorite, along with my homemade bread rolls (with nothing on them!). He squeals in delight (and yes I can tell the difference) when you give him a banana. He loves his bottle...will not drink out of a sippy cup. He is a blanket boy...he will nuzzle into it and drag it around with him (lucky I bought him two!).
He is out sweet Buggy, Bug-a-Lug, Bo-bo, Bugster (you get the point!).
And now that this year is over (thank goodness!!) onward and upward! And a lot more craziness to come!! 
Happy Birthday Buggy!!!

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Anonymous said...

awww, cute post! Okay where did this year go??? That happened way too quickly! Happy Birthday Taylor!