Friday, July 9, 2010

"Just a little lazy, Mum"

This is a line that Adam pulls out when he wants me to do something for him. "But I am just a little lazy, Mum". Most often said while laying on the couch with his trusty blanket and teddy, asking for a chocolate milk and for me to put on a 'show'. And I have been a little lazy too...a week since Canada day and no blog!!! It is either a drought or a flood with me! So here it is!
We spent the day in Breton at the parade and there was a special area for the kids to go crazy afterward-jumping castles etc. Then Taylor and I were in serious need of naps so Ray took Adam, Orrin and Anna out to Winfield where he was setting up for "Winstock" the next day. Taylor and I took everyone out some supper and  I took a long my camera as well. And Orrin and Anna so kindly offered to pose for me!

I think that Taylor got more candy than Adam and Orrin!! I think at one point he had about five pieces in his little hands!

Just a bunch of posers!!

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