Saturday, June 26, 2010

Canada Day!

My goodness, I do not know what has come over me lately!!
Today we spent the afternoon over in Warburg (next town over) for their Canada Day celebrations. Ah, but Canada Day isn't actually until the 1st of July (put it in your calendars!!). But Warburg down theirs the Saturday before, so we actually get two celebrations. Anyways!
We didn't leave until noon, so I had two hungry kids, one who had been awake for 3 hours and really needed a nap, and I was pulling my hair out! But we went, and it was a beautiful day, and once we arrived at the park the boys were in awe! Jumping castles, face painting, fairy floss (cotton candy) toys for sale...pretty much heaven!
So the boys played at the park, Ray and I ate (suddenly the boys weren't hungry any more!) and then we pretty much spent the rest of the day making our way around, and laying on our new picnic blanket! Well Ray and I laid...the boys played! And because it was such a beautiful day, I took some (even if I do say so myself) awesome pictures!! Taylor never lets me get photos of him. He either blinks, or he runs up to me so he can lick the camera. So I made the most of him be distracted today, and got some priceless shots of him, being him :)

And doesn't this next one remind you of Lionel out of Peanuts?!
Of course I got some photos of Adam! Playing with his new 'sword'

 And I was lucky enough to get some good pictures of Ray. He hates me taking his photo, he is so hard to please, but HE even likes these photos!!



Dick Family said...

FUN day! Great pictures Emily! I love the one of Taylor sitting drinking from his bottle and the sky in those pictures of Ray is crazy blue! Great job!

Ray, Emily, Adam and Taylor Blackmore said...

Thanks! I have been playing with much easier than photoshop!