Saturday, June 12, 2010

New aussie word of the day

Meaning: Used to replace the word 'pants'. eg. trackie-daks (track pants/joggers). To 'dak' someone (To pull down their pants)

I remember always trying to dak Holly. I never crossed the line, and totally got her pants down (I honestly had no desire to get her pants down, I just wanted to scare her, as any good sister does). Although Laura would always come around the finish the job that I had started (Sorry Holly!!)
So I (being the wonderful mother that I am) try and dak Adam. Only it always backfires on me. No, he doesn't turn around and try to get me. He turns around, and pulls his pants AND his underwear down. The first time it happened I burst out laughing (so of course he now does it all the time!) I was not expecting him to start out on the "Full Monty"!!
So of course, I may now be more hesitant to dak people in the future (not that I really go around now and do it). But before Adam...I never considered the option that the person could/would flash me. Food for thought...


Ebony said...

hehehehehe. Love it!
You certainly seem to have a little character on your hands there Em! Can't wait for you to bring him (and Taylor of course!) our to Aus so I can meet him!

lilaussiemum said...

That is hilarious! I saw a show last night called The worlds Greatest Streakers. What do you know, people do this for a living! Travel from sport event all over the world streaking. Sounds like little Ad has a career in front of him!