Friday, June 25, 2010

A moment

I know, I am totally on a roll! We went out to lunch today at the little cafe that my sister owns, and when we had finished, I had some errands to run. So Ray took the boys back home while I went and got my things done. I was getting into the van  and I was watching my men walking down the street. Adam and Taylor were matching (I didn't even mean to do it!) in orange shirts and tan shorts. Taylor was riding high on Rays shoulders, while Adam was running ahead. And at the moment, I wished I had my camera. It was such a cute sight, the backs of my boys, walking along together on a beautiful day. I hope that I get another chance to capture that moment. 
There is something special about seeing a Dad out with his kids that makes me go all gooey. And thankfully, my kids have such a Dad. One who lives to make his kids smile. One who tries every day give his kids fun memories that they will treasure.

I guess this should have been my fathers day post, but better late than never! While I would like to have some mummies boys, I love that the boys live for their time with Daddy as much as he does. And you know...getting to listen to the giggles is pretty much just as fun!


zero114 said...

aahhh..Emily that's wonderful. You make me wanna have kids! For the moment I'm just trying to get a cat and that's proving hard enough! But I just wanted to say Hi and tell you how nice it is to read your blogs and see what you're up to!
Say BEEEE to Adam for me!
Sammy xx

Ray, Emily, Adam and Taylor Blackmore said...

Aww Thanks Sam!!! Adam still comes out with his BEEEEEE every now and then always makes me smile :)
How is London going?! Are you famous yet?!!!