Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bragging? Or just telling it like it is?! *Please don't hate me!!*

I don't like to think of myself as one of 'those' mums. You know, the ones who seem to live vicariously through their kids.
But that being said...I am pretty sure that I have the cutest boys ever. And I know that everyone thinks that their kids are the cutest, but mine take the cake. And I am never wrong...just ask Ray (!).
I have finally recharged my camera (Adam has been going a little crazy taking wonderful out of focus shots of his feet!), and gotten the very few photos I took of the boys birthdays. But many pictures of cute boys do I need?!
Really, I am serious. My sister once got frustrated when we were scrap-booking, because EVERY picture was of Adams face!
So here you are, pictures of my gorgeous boys, and yes, I am well aware that everyone will not find as much joy in them as I do, but...bad luck, I am posting them anyways! 
And a few days my swanky new camera is arriving, so I will have heaps of new pictures (that hopefully looks a lot better!) so show off, and yes, I will try to break free of the mold, and take pictures of other things...maybe my sexy husband?! The options are endless really!
Now this picture has an awesome story to go with it. When Adam was a baby Ray began what he called Papoose rides. These caught on VERY well! Adam would lay down (or be layed down when he was smaller) on his blanket, and Ray would pick up the corners and spin him around many times, finally ending with dumping him on the couch. So now of course the tradition has passed onto Taylor. And as Adam is now too big/heavy for papoose rides in his own blanket, we need to use MY blanket, although now we can do two at a time! Now I know what you are thinking! Many people have almost fainted at the sight of Ray flinging the boys around in the air, but they are very safe!!! No-one has fallen out, yet...knock on wood!!

I was getting a little camera happy one day while the kids were in the bath...Adam worked with me for about 3 minutes...this picture was taken right in the middle of our 'session'...and pretty much was the only good one!! Taylor just kept blinking.
My Big Adams 4th Birthday. He was BEGGING for an Optimus Prime birthday Aunty Sarah got an awesome one from DQ, and Adam LOVED it...of course so did Jake...I think Jake had about 3 pieces in total. He is great to have at a party!!
I didn't take many pictures of Taylors birthday. It was kinda a non-event. He didn't care, he was grumpy, and just being himself really! But we did get a cake. I think he was even licking off icing in this photo! Of course he demanded his cake, and didn't want to stop eating it, and got a brain freeze (which he still continues to eat through, just screaming at the same time...talented!!) Next year I will do better!!

Of course we had Rays birthday in there too (but he doesn't like the camera!!). Ray had never had a birthday 'party' so the boys and I bought balloons, streamers, cake and made Rays favorite supper. Decorated the kitchen in streamers and balloons. And when Ray walked in the door, he was speechless!! It was pretty much the best idea the boys and I have had yet! He liked it so much, he asked me to leave the decorations up! 

So that is us...until my new camera comes :)

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Dick Family said...

It's more than okay to brag...we all do it ;) Cute pictures and cute boys!